Advanced opportunities

Skema 6 allows dentists to address any clinical need, even specialist disciplines, knowing that they can rely on cutting-edge technologies and exceptional ease of use. Designed for the most versatile and demanding dentists, Skema 6 features a wide range of configurations that provide maximum operating comfort.

Operating comfort starts from the design

With Skema 6, Castellini improves ergonomics and pays the utmost attention to the medical staff operating around the dental unit. Every element is engineered to combine a slender design with a compact working unit. This results in a larger working area in the dental practice, improved functional performance of every element, a leaner workflow, and ergonomic solutions specifically designed for dental assistants.


Levers with SideFlex technology

Thanks to the articulated joint of the levers featuring the exclusive SideFlex technology, the instruments are light and easy on recall. The tilting joint enables lateral movements without exercising traction on the operator’s wrist. The levers can be completely disassembled and their balancing and traction during position recalls can be adjusted. The levers with SideFlex technology are available as an option.


Ergonomics in movement

Designed for dentists who prefer hanging tubes, this compact and easy-to-handle module provides a wide range of comfortable positions around the operating zone. It is equipped with a 7” capacitive multi-touch display and a practical handle that makes horizontal movements easier.


Dentist’s module

Designed for dentists who prefer hanging tubes, this compact and easy-to-handle module provides a wide range of comfortable positions around the operating zone. It is equipped with a 7” capacitive multi-touch display and a practical handle that makes horizontal movements easier.


Freedom of movement

The Cart version offers improved freedom of movement with its slender and essential design, which ensures optimum operational comfort in any environment.

Customisable chair

Centre-stage in the operatory is a chair with a wide range of customisation possibilities, ranging from the colour to the type of padding and headrest. In addition, it features a range of foot controls available in the wired or wireless version.


Comfort at hand

The backrest features a highly resistant structure with soft padding and a robust and easy-to-clean upholstery. The chair movements are designed to avoid uncomfortable compressions in the lumbar area.


Lateral slide foot control

The pedal can be used to activate the Chip Air and Chip Water functions of the instrument in use, reverse the micromotor sense of rotation (when deployed), move the patient chair and switch on the lamp. Available in the wired or wireless version.


Pressure-operated foot control

This pedal provides the same functions of the lateral slide foot control to those who prefer the pressure-operated version. In surgical mode, both pedals feature the controls to activate the peristaltic pump and change the programme. Available in the wired or wireless version.

Power Pedal foot control

The third pedal includes all the functions of the previous models and is characterised by two additional elements to recall two more stored working positions.

Technological choice

Skema 6 features a practical and elegant control panel. While both versions feature a 7” capacitive multi-touch display, dentists are free to select either the Clinic model or the Multimedia model.

Clinic control panel

The Clinic version, fitted as standard on Skema 6, enables viewing of data regarding conservative procedures, endodontics and implantology. The control panel records the parameters of the instruments, is equipped with a large database of endodontic burs, controls the patient chair, and manages every inbuilt system easily and effectively.

Multimedia control panel

The optional Multimedia version is compatible with multimedia content and features a USB port. It allows for the management of the operating parameters of any specialist dentistry application, while the dentist can customise every single setting and use the flash drive to save it on a USB stick. The Multimedia control panel is designed to display images and videos.

A suite designed for implantology

Only a fully integrated implantology system allows the doctor to optimise the time spent on the chair and focus solely on the operation and the patient. Skema 6 – specifically designed for implantology – is equipped with a powerful induction micromotor, a peristaltic pump and a cutting-edge control panel that makes it possible to quickly customise and store the speed, torque and irrigation rate parameters.

Endodontics within fingertip reach

Skema 6 is equipped with a comprehensive set of instruments, software and features that support endodontics and all the operations related to it. The dentist has access to an extensive database of burs, a specific contra-angle and can manage with precision the operating parameters required to deliver the treatment. The endodontic bur identification trademarks are not owned by Cefla or any of its associated companies.

Implantor LED micromotor

Noiseless and ultra-light, the Implantor LED micromotor is vibration-free and characterised by extremely high torque.With suitable contra-angles, it can deliver up to 70Ncm.

Speed from 100 to 40,000 rpm with 1:1 ratio

Electronic torque control up to max. 5.3 Ncm

Completely autoclavable.

Possibility of pre-setting maximum speed and maximum torque

Piezolight 6

Available with fibre optic for LED lighting, the versatile and multifunctional ultrasound handpieces are suitable for prophylaxis, endodontics and periodontal procedures.

Perfectly linear and controlled ultrasonic vibrations – free from parasitic lateral vibrations – with constantly self-regulated frequency according to load and tip conditions.

Extensive power adjustment range.

Self-regulating power based on the workload to prevent heating of handpiece and treated tissues.

Coolant delivery adjustable from zero to max flow rate.

Completely autoclavable.

Surgison 2

Specifically designed for oral surgery, implantology and osteotomy, it is available with a wide range of accessories for any treatment  requirements. Interchangeable with Piezolight 6 and compatible with Piezosteril 6, prior replacement of the tube, the Surgison 2 handpiece is always automatically detected and driven by the dental unit. Completely
autoclavable, it provides optional irrigation with sterile fluids for optimum
asepsis of the operating field.


The curing light can be used as a direct version or 120° angled version. With a high-power LED up to a maximum of 2,200mW/cm2 and a 430 to 490nm emission band, the T-LED lamp offers 6 pre-set programmes and a sterilisable optical guide



Featuring a streamlined and easy-to-handle design, the syringe is available both in the three-way and in the optional six-way version. The handle and tip are autoclavable.


Silent Power turbines and Goldspeed Contra-angles

Castellini offers a complete set of turbines and contra-angles suitable for any field of dentistry.


Exceptional brightness

The new Venus LED MCT lamp rotates on three axes to ensure perfect lighting of the operating field in any practice and position. Featuring exceptional brightness, it makes it possible to set specific values depending on the clinical needs. The No Touch sensor can switch on, off and adjust the luminous intensity up to 50,000 Lux.

Temperature adjustment

The innovative system makes it possible to illuminate with the right light every clinical discipline, with 3 different temperature values: warm, neutral and cool light.

CRI value

Absolute colour fidelity thanks to a colour rendering that on a 0 to 100 measuring scale stands above 95.

Composite mode

The quick and easy activation of the Composite mode prevents the pre-curing of composite materials.


Safe and certified hygiene

Since its inception, Castellini has committed to developing cutting-edge devices to guarantee aseptic conditions on the dental unit. Thanks to the close cooperation with the Department for Public Health and Infectious Diseases of the Sapienza University of Rome and the Department for Public Health and Paediatrics of the University of Turin, the hygiene systems were improved. 



Reliable and efficient, the M.W.B. system, used in conjunction with Peroxy Ag+, acts against all water-borne contaminants, including Legionella. Tests carried out on a dental unit over a 3-month observation period showed that a regular use of M.W.B. and daily execution of an intensive disinfection cycle with the Autosteril system, ensure outstanding water hygiene quality, with bacterial loads kept at zero.



Autosteril is the high-standard automatic disinfection system, for all the spray water circuits. During the cycle, the instruments are stored in an inbuilt receiving area.Used together with Peroxy Ag+, the Autosteril system ensures a mycobactericide, bactericide and anti-Legionella action, certified by the Sapienza University of Rome. The analysis performed proved that the disinfection provided is sufficient to “eradicate all tested microbes from the piping of the dental unit, even with higher contamination levels.”


Time Flushing

To drain stagnant fluid inside the piping after use, the Time Flushing feature carries out a complete water exchange with a timed flow of the supply fluid.



The flushing and hygienisation of the suction system with water and a special liquid take approximately 2 minutes: ideal as a cleaning procedure between patients.


Integrated diagnostics

The main advantage provided by the inbuilt X-ray unit is that it makes diagnostics faster by showing and sharing the information with the patient in real time. 

RXDC with eXTend technology

Thanks to an extensive internal collimation and an extremely small focal spot, the X-ray unit provides high-quality images to quickly make a correct and accurate diagnosis. The integrated Zen-X sensor, available in two sizes, is housed in the dentist’s module, thereby making the acquisition of intraoral X-ray images faster. In a matter of seconds, the reprocessed image is displayed on the monitor and, if the Multimedia version is installed, also on the control panel of the dentist’s module.

Communicate with style

Semplifica la relazione con il paziente e illustra con maggiore efficacia i risultati dei trattamenti. L’apparato multimediale Castellini comprende: Telecamera integrata in HD Monitor LED 22”
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