SOPROLIFE is an excellent tool to identify and excavate decay. Daylight, diagnostic and treatment modes aid in effective, minimally invasive treatment while preserving healthy tissue.


Daylight Mode

In white light, from Portrait to Macro, SOPROLIFE produces unequalled quality of image. This mode not only enables you to communicate more effectively with your patients, but also gives you the ability to see details which are invisible to the naked eye.



Diagnostic Mode

SOPROLIFE® is more accurate in identifying the development of occlusal and/or proximal carious lesions. This mode can help speed up the decision making process in treatment planning and enables safer options for the patients without ionizing radiation.




Treatment Mode

Clinical performance is enhanced as SOPROLIFE enables you to visually differentiate between infected and healthy tissue in the excavated site.



SOPROLIFE is an easy to use Diagnostic Camera

Provide better patient acceptance with a magnified image

Diagnose decay earlier with SOPROLIFE

No ionizing radiation required

Highlight caries and provide minimally invasive treatment


This medical device is classified IIb according to the current applicable European Directive. It is CE marked. Notified Body : CE 0459 LNE-GMED. This medical devices dedicated to dental cares is restricted to health staff ; it is not reimbursed by health insurance organizations. This device was developed and manufactured according to the EN ISO 13485 quality control certification system. Read carefully the user manual. Manufacturer : SOPRO (France).


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