The perfect dental machine

The S200 model has been designed to maximise patient comfort.
The S200 can incorporate a full range of optional easy-to-use functions and specialist instruments.
Thanks to the broad selection of hygiene systems, instruments and optional multimedia applications, dentists can customise the S200 to suit their individual needs and enjoy the full potential of numerous cutting-edge devices.


Seize new opportunities

Optional Instruments, software and applications for canal treatment.
Alongside the optional LCD touch screen control panel, the S200 incorporates all those elements needed to perform endodontic treatment. The apex locator is managed by the control software in ENDO mode. During endodontic treatment, essential data is displayed in a user-friendly manner.

Apex locator

With the dedicated contra angle, the apex locator allows the apex distance to be displayed during the root canal instrumentation phase. The nearing of the apex is also indicated by warning buzzers. To enhance safety, micromotor rotation is automatically disabled when it is reached.


i-XS4 Micromotor

Available as an optional, the latestgeneration i-XS4 micromotor is light and versatile. Highly suitable for conservative and prosthetic dentistry, it’s also a valuable aid during endodontic work and is fully autoclavable. Speed range from 100 to 40,000 rpm.


EVO E4 Contra Angle

Featuring a 4:1 ratio specific for endodontics, the EVO E4 contra angle can be autoclaved and heatdisinfected. The miniaturised head makes access to the treatment zone easier. Recommended for endodontic treatment in reciprocating mode and with use of the integrated apex locator.


Operating light: dentists are free to choose the configuration

Supplied as standard, the Venus Plus operating light rotates on three axes and puts out a light intensity ranging from 8,000 to 35,000 Lux. The potentiometer-adjusted light features a soft-start function.
Two LED operating lights are available as optionals. The Venus Plus – L LED incorporates a no-touch sensor for adjustment via potentiometer. The high-end Venus LED MCT option has a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of over 95, a factor that allows ultra-high colour fidelity.
It’s also possible to use 3 colour temperatures so users can select the right lighting for their specific clinical disciplines. Light intensity is adjustable up to 50,000 Lux. A broad spotlight and excellent depth of field limit the number of times the dentist has to reposition the lamp. What’s more, “composite” mode can be activated quickly to prevent premature composite polymerisation.


Optimal flexibility

In ergonomic terms, the S200 Continental offers maximum flexibility, ensuring easy adaptation to a variety of operating styles. The dentist’s module is compact and light. Extensible instrument tubing eliminates wrist fatigue and balanced instrument levers eliminate interference with the operating light. Equipped with a touch screen with X-ray viewer, the module provides dentists with the usual conservative dentistry functions and lets them read essential data and work parameters on the alphanumeric display.


Working comfort

Rationalised operating space and excellent module mobility.
In addition to the smooth handling, its design makes for a more orderly work area. Dentists can add optional elements such as the sixth instrument and X-ray viewer.
When placed in their holders, instruments are supported securely and arranged diagonally to optimise ergonomics. The syringe is positioned vertically at the start of the handpiece holder, ensuring a good grip.


Orthodontic essentials, uncompromising quality

Tailor-made for orthodontists who want a hindrance-free work area: dentist’s module complete with instrument control panel and display on the assistant’s side, a large tray holder on a pantograph arm and the option of incorporating a 22” LED monitor to share the various stages of patient treatment.


Nordic backrest

Ensures lasting comfort during longer treatment sessions and is shaped to aid dentists working in ‘indirect vision’ mode.

The importance of comfort

Opting for maximum comfort demonstrates attentiveness to patient well-being
Lined with hard-wearing upholstery in a wide choice of colours, the patient chair is deliberately shaped to ease the approach to the work area. Made of tough materials and featuring thoroughly tested mechanics, the patient chair has a lift capacity of 190 kg. Shaped to let dental staff move closer to the patient, the backrest is suitable for adults, children and any treatment type.

Memory Foam

Exceptional comfort and proper anatomical support thanks to special upholstery options.


Integration and control

Technologically advanced instruments mean greater potential.


SC Scalers

Ultrasound scalers, compatible with the best commercially available tips, for supragingival prophylaxis and periodontal tasks. Also suitable for the preparation of small cavities and usable in endodontic root canal cleaning techniques. Available with or without LED lighting.



Patented instrument with 180° ergonomic rotation. Features 6 polymerisation and bonding programmes with immediate or gradual start. Does not cause composite shrinkage.


Turbines and contra angles

Six silent yet powerful models of highly advanced turbine, plus a broad range of ergonomic contra angles that meet all clinical needs, from conservative dentistry to implant surgery and endodontics.


RXDC - HyperSphere technology

Incorporated on the dental unit, the X-ray unit and handheld control unit require no additional installation points.


An X-ray diagnosis system in a single treatment area

The best of Stern Weber technology for HD images and precision diagnostics


Zen-X X-ray sensor

Extractable sensor with USB lead located on the dentist’s module, can capture high-resolution images with minimal radiation dosage.

Macro Cap

An extremely useful accessory, Macro Cap can magnify up to 100x in ultra-high resolution. Three additional, high purity glass lenses optimise lighting of details located close to the optical unit.


22” LED Monitor

EEC 93/42 certified, the HD 16: 9 tilt-adjustable 1920 x 1080 pixel flat screen medical monitor can be lead-connected to a PC. A multitouch version where the screen can be positioned as desired is also available.


C-U2 HD camera

Fornisce immagini in HD direttamente sulla consolle Full Touch oppure sul monitor integrato. Velocizza la diagnostica e genera materiale per documentare gli interventi e completare report clinici. 



To keep up with the latest technologies, Stern Weber has provided web connectivity for its product range. This recent innovation gives access to optional digital services – which will improve efficiency at dental surgeries.

When connected to the web through Easy Check, a dental unit can rely on real time remote troubleshooting and technical support service. In addition, Di.V.A.*, the digital virtual assistant, optimises the workflow of technologically advanced dental surgeries and, via a dashboard, helps dentists monitor their use of the available instruments, analysing surgery efficiency. In larger facilities, it is an excellent tool for managing workloads and for planning maintenance.

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