High quality dental unit

Control is crucial for dentistry practitioners. That’s why the S300 incorporates the latest dental technology.
In addition to the modern compactness of both the dental unit and the contemporarily styled patient chair, the S300 has been designed to offer the dental team exclusive ergonomics, such as the sliding function, and an unprecedented level of patient comfort.
The S300 can be completed with a broad selection of systems integrated into the dental unit.


The perfection of control

The Full Touch panel is an interface with a 7” touch screen and can, on the S300 Continental, be positioned vertically or horizontally thanks to the accelerometer. Easy to use, it displays all the information clearly and provides dentists with a vast array of personalisation options.
Two Full Touch control panel versions
On the Clinic version the control panel shows data relative to conservative, endodontic and implant treatments and lets users control patient chair movement and manage the integrated hygiene devices.
The large 7” touch screen ensures excellent visibility from any angle while HD performance optimises image and video display on the Multimedia version.

USB connection and multi-profile management

The Multimedia version of the control panel has a USB port to upload/download diagnostic images (where the integrated multimedia system is present). For large multi-dentist clinics or single-dentist surgeries that make use of external consultants, dentists can set their own parameters and save them directly on the control panel or, on the Multimedia version, on a USB storage device. Just one click, and users can call up their individual profiles as and when needed.


Limitless Performance

If, in endodontics mode, the selected file is on the database, the software automatically sets the torque/speed ratios; alternatively, these can be set by the dentist as per personal requirements.

The endodontic bur identification trademarks are not owned by Cefla or any of its associated companies.

ENDO database

A pre-loaded endocanalar bur library is available to the dentist, who can perform treatment with either traditional or reciprocating instruments. The application that allows reciprocating movement is optional.


EVO E4 Contra angle

Featuring a 4:1 ratio specific for endodontics, the EVO E4 contra angle can be autoclaved and heatdisinfected. The miniaturised head makes access to the treatment zone easier. Recommended for endodontic treatment in reciprocating mode and with use of the integrated apex locator.


Peristaltic pump

Controlled via the Full Touch control panel, integration of the peristaltic pump on the dentist’s module eliminates the need for any further modules or carts around the patient chair.


Instruments, functions and integrated devices for implantology and endodontics

Integration of systems for implantologists – which can be managed via the control panel or dental unit foot control – does away with the need for spaceconsuming stand-alone devices. Dentists can easily set and save clinical parameters for each stage of implant site preparation and implant placement.


i-XS4 Micromotor

The i-XS4 is suitable for implant surgery. The software allows precise, safe control of speed and torque (which, with the EVO R20L surgical contra angle with 20:1 ratio, can reach 70 Ncm).


Versatile design

Now lighter with more compact geometry, the dentist’s module can reach any position with minimum effort. The pneumatic brake – activated and deactivated via the on-handle sensor – allows easy height adjustment. Instrument lever height has been reduced to minimise interference with the light in the work zone.


Arm compactness

The arm system has been designed to minimise the overall bulk of the S300 and make module positioning easier. Lightness and fluidity of movement ensure exceptional handling.


SideFlex instrument levers

Removable instrument levers equipped with swing joints that allow lateral movement are available as an optional; these levers alleviate wrist fatigue and are self-balancing.


Always within reach

Thanks to the design of the fixed cast aluminium arm and the excellent mobility of the pantograph arm, dentists who work in the 12 o’clock position can effortlessly access all the instruments, ergonomically barranged on the module. The large display includes controls for patient chair movement, instruments and integrated systems. Thanks to carefully designed instrument holders, all instruments benefit from secure support and are arranged so they can be gripped with ease.


Sixth instrument

The international dentist’s module can be completed with an optional sixth instrument: camera or T-LED light.


X-ray viewer

The optional backlit X-ray viewer can be used to display all X-ray images, including panoramic ones.


The technology of well-being

The patient chair horizontal “sliding” movement can be synchronised with backrest movement or executed independently of it.
Horizontal displacement of the seat sees the dentist gain an equal amount of operating space behind the patient’s head, a considerable advantage where space is at a premium. Moreover, no repositioning of the light is needed to keep the beam over the operating zone. This synchronised movement allows backrest tilt to be adjusted while keeping the oral cavity under the operating light beam. It also makes use of the microscope easier.

Comfort first and foremost

Patient well-being is the first step towards patient loyalty.
The new patient chair provides extremely comfortable support. Other key features include hard-wearing upholstery, a lift capacity of up to 190 kg and a safe motor system. Gentle movement and zero vibration relax patients, keeping any pretreatment anxiety at bay.

Standard backrest

Shaped so that dental staff can move closer to the patient during treatment. Suitable for adults, children and any treatment type.


Nordic backrest

Ensures lasting comfort during protracted treatment sessions and shaped to aid dentists who work in ‘indirect vision’ mode.


The perfect light

The Venus LED MCT is a major step forwards in the development of clinical lighting
With a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of over 95, a factor that allows ultra-high colour fidelity, the as-standard operating light on the S300 offers adjustable light intensity up to 50,000 Lux.
A broad spotlight and excellent depth of field limit the number of times the dentist has to reposition the lamp during treatment. What’s more, “composite” mode can be activated quickly – also via the no-touch sensor – to prevent premature composite polymerisation.


The Venus LED MCT responds to every need with a specific setting. There are three different settings, optimised for different circumstances: 4300K warm light for surgical treatment; 5000K neutral light for conservative work; 5500K cool light for realistic colour capture.


"Composite" mode

Working in “composite” mode ensures good visibility within the operating area without interfering with composite polymerisation.


RXDC - HyperSphere technology

Incorporated on the dental unit, the X-ray unit and handheld control unit require no additional installation points.


Zen-X X-ray sensor

Extractable sensor with USB lead located on the dentist’s module, can capture high-resolution images with minimal radiation dosage.


22” LED Monitor

93/42/EEC certified, the monitor is also available in the multitouch version; the screen can be positioned as desired.


C-U2 HD camera

Shows HD images directly on the integrated monitor and the Full Touch Multimedia control panel. Speeds up diagnostics and generates material with which to document treatment and complete clinical reports.


Everything needed for onboard X-ray diagnostics, without external systems or films that need developing

Integrating a complete system boosts diagnostic potential while shortening treatment times. Featuring advanced technology, the system includes the
X-ray unit with digital wireless handheld controller, a LED monitor with optional touch-screen function and a latest- generation digital sensor. The X-ray image can be shown in mere seconds on both the 22” monitor and the 7” display on the Full Touch control panel.

Macro Cap

An extremely useful accessory, Macro Cap can magnify up to 100x in ultrahigh resolution. Three additional, high purity glass lenses optimise lighting of details located close to the optical unit.

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