PT 3

Piezoelectric Ceramic Ultrasonic Painless Periodontal Treatment Device

Ahead of time

Redefine painless treatment
Amplitude 20-60UM Tip Hardness 30 HPC
Frequency 2800HZ Treatment Depth 14MM

Classical, forever trend

Elegant black, generous and steady; soothing white, demure and dedicate Black and white (black alternating with white), couple toughness with softness Unique design with smooth lines

Science and technology, redefine painless treatment.

The sci-tech era, achievements matter. Painless supragingival and subgingival scaling Remove dental plaque and calculus

Painless, irresistible trend

Much simpler, more splendid Clear control panel——level 12 power setting Auto-water supply(optional), more convenient application

Save scaling

Elliptical vibration track disperse the impact force between tip and teeth while realizing 360° scaling and polishing. Tip amplitude is about 20-60μm, equivalently third of diameter of a single hair. Excellent sci-tech outcome assures your save and painless treatment

Automatic water Supply System

Easy to change water
Increase operating efficiency (working efficiency)
Hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and chlorhexidine is usable
Clear 20ml scale mark makes it convenient for matching liquid

Titanium scaling tips

Using low rigidness titanium materials higher elasticity, more comfortable

Lighten for salute

Sealed Handpiece with light,Handpiece sleeve can be autoclaved,

avoiding cross-infection。Durable life span, for ahead of the other similar products
Ergonomics design takes details into consideration, more comfortable in use


Multiple facilities make perfect

Clear control panel Ultra-sensitive
Waterproof design
Using stickers, wearing gloves bring no effect.
Equipped with: 2 handpieces,10 tips,2 torque wenches,2 disinfection kits。
More perfect,more delicate, more humanized。

Pursue delicacy in excellence Seek extremity in delicacy Strive for creation in extremity.

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